Mechanical Technology Incorporated Announces 2020 Earnings Including EcoChain Performance

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More about EcoChain and our philosophy:

Bitcoin transaction value graph from 2013-2018 showing value surpassing PayPal in 2017.

source: Cryptoslate

Investment Decision Criteria

Powered By Green Energy

Unrealized Maximum Power

Operational Optimization Potential

Experienced Team, Early Opportunities

Our first acquisition in Washington state provides us with a maximum power capacity of 3.3 megawatts of power. We intend to significantly increase our total available low-cost renewable power capacity globally.

We are seeking opportunities to acquire existing bitcoin mining operations as well as to develop new facilities from the ground up. For operating mines, we can bring much-needed capital in order to transition to the next generation mining hardware required to grow.

In cases where low-cost renewable power is available on a long-term basis, we seek opportunities to partner with power suppliers, communities, and experienced teams to develop new facilities.

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